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Hey yall, i need help!! what should i tell him tonight?

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so i would like to know what to do tonight. my BF just wants to be friends right now because i am having some major mood problems and haven't been treating him that well. well i love him more than my own life and tonight i am taking him out on a date. what can i do to prove to him i have been trying and how much he means to me. i don't want to just be friends i want for him to lvoe me the same, but i can't make him. so what should i do because i would do anything for him so maybe i should just let him go but i can't do that. i love him more than i could every tell anyone. well please help me. i'm young, but i know that i am in love and i want to spend the rest of my life with him. im really bad at talking to people to where they could understand how much i care so any suggestions.

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Hey QT,


Listen, tell him how you feel. Don't be afraid to open up to him. That might show him that you are trying to change for the better. If he knows how you feel then he might be able to continue the relationship.


I hope this helps and I hope you work everything out with your b/f.



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"mood problems" are just excuses to treat people like crap... unless it happens to be a pregnant woman or going through menopause, but other than that its all just an excuse. I've seen my friends go through both. Treat the guy like he's the king of the world, and don't ever stop. Even if you aren't in a great mood. That doesn't mean that things are always gong to be great, but if you can be civil even when things are bad, then everything will work out.

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THat wasn't very nice. i don't really mean mood prob's i mean that i am having trouble dealing with everything that is going on in my life right now. i have really bad depression and i haven't found the right meds to help yet. my step dad hates me and he has hit me, my mom hates me, my dad is a pot head and can't even remember my birthday, One of the best friends i have ever had just died, i mean come on im only 16 i can't deal with everything and he is going threw almost the same thing so we get mad at eachother, but everytime i get like bit#$y i tell him how sorry i am and how much i love him. i just want him to understand that when you are in a relationship and prob's come up you don't say okay well lets just be friends for now and work back up from there. if you really love that person to me that means you stay by their side and never give up. he went threw about 3 or 4 months when i was treated like nothing but crap and now i am having a hard time and he leaves me. i always say sorry for being mean to him, but he hardly ever does and during those 3 or 4 months he never did and it was okay because i love him. look i just want him back. i love him but i don't know how to go about telling him how much he means to me and possibly ever getting him back. i love him so much and i have never hurt this much in my life. not even when i was in 2nd grade and my mom left us for a year, we just woke up and she wasnt' there she had taken off with her boyfriend and left us with our grandparents. she didnt' say anything. everyone has always left me when i needed them the most. i would never leave jacob. if he came to me right now and asked to have me back i would take him back so fast. My heart is broken and believe it or not i don't think that i will ever love anyone as much as i love him unless we had kids someday, but i am just suffering and i need to know what to do to get him back. please guys help me i love him so much.

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that wasn't supose to be mean, but any time you use outside sercomstanses to justafy you being "B"ey it is only an excuse. believe it or not I've been through things just as you have and used depreshion and stress as an excuse. There is the posibility that someone could help you get your guy back, but you have to stop using excuses, no mater how valid, to justify your negative actions. How you treat and love someone should be keept compleatly seporat form the happenings in the rest of your life. Once you realize that, then you have a chance at getting the guy back.


Sorry for that being so harsh, but I've been through what you are going through, and becouse of that I don't feel sorry for you. I made the same mistakes, but I learned a leson form them.


P.S. depreshion only goes away once you stop trying to drug you're problems and really start to deal with things. I know you're only 16, but the soner you learn to deal with things the better.

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