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the damn hairy hands I have


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ok, I need to know the truth from the girls of all ages. Please, please tell me the absolute truth and dont patronize me. Do you find it disgusting when a guy has pretty hairy hands? Im 17 and I have the hairiest hands and I was wondering if you suggest I shave my hands or what

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ok, how hairy are we talking here?? i mean, im picturing like werewolf style, which is kind of gross. it really all depends on how hairy your hands actually are. like the actor, robin williams has some pretty hairy arms & hands, are you talking like that?? i don't think thats all that gross, but if you are comfortable with the way your hands are, then you don't need to worry about what us girls think.

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Not a gal, but i assume your talking the back of your hands and not the palms hehe.


how about your back? usually one comes with the other.


current trend it seems these days is the less body hair the better.


you may find some women who dont care or even like the Robbin Williams look. but because of media, magazines, etc. even Mattels "Ken" have most women attracted to hairless bodies.


just sneak a peak at the cover of any magazine, you see much hair on those bodies? nope. those mags give the people what they want to see.


normaly id just say be who you are, etc. who cares what others think, well you do!


Here in south Florida and in most cities, hair removal clinics are packed, most men prefer women smooth and.or trimmed, Women prefer to see those pecks and abs without hair over them, and most are grossed out by hairy backs.


Of course SoBE is a meat market anyway, life is such a "beach" down here. lol.


So if its something that bothers you, do something about it. you need to be happy with who you are. confidence is everything.


look at it this way, take a womans breast, I prefer petit or normal size breast size, yet women have been lead to believe that size is important, and more sexy to all men. its the media, mags movies etc. most women dont get implants for their men, they do it to feel more confident about themselfs.


Id rather have small or regular sized perky little natural breast then those big melon sized hefty bags i see sometimes.

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I like my man to have some hair. Not gorilla hairy - but not completely hairless either. If your hair is darker it could make it look like you have more hair than you actually do. Before you start shaving or getting into any tricky hair removal techniques why not try dying your hair to see if that makes it seem less noticeable...*shrugs*... it is worth a shot anyway.

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Lots of men are hairy, but they seem to do ok! We all have things about our bodies that we don't like or would like to change, this is just your thing. If that is your only problem, then I'd say you must be living a charmed life!


Robin Williams has a lot of hair, and Sean Connery too! And also Jon Stewart, of the daily show!! Don't worry so much, find a girl that has very little hair so your kids will have a good mix of genes to choose from!!

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