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she invites me to her house and introduces me to her mum...


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If a girl invities u to her house and introduces u to her mum (her father died) but she already has a bf. I dont understand i mean i've only known her 9 weeks and now this?


Does anyone thinks shes gona break up with her bf?


Any tips or suggestions on how to progress next-time this happens would be most greatful.




- whitefang

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Hi there it's hard to tell whether she is going to breakup with her b/f since she invited u over to her place. And u told me that her father died it could be that she just needs u as a friend to talk to since her b/f isn't ther for her. Just get to know her better and see how she reacts when u're there more often for her. I hope this helps u take care.

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Thnx for replying,


That just it i dont know, i mean we hug and we spend most of our time during college with each other. I feel like shes my soulmate because i hav never had feeling 4 anyone like i hav 4 her. Shes special 2 me shes been going through a rough couple of weeks and i think thats bought us closer, but i still dont know.


I find it dificult 2 talk to anyone about my problems, but when im with her it is as if she understands me better than my friends, parents and even my best mates.


I really dont know, my minds messed up at the moment.


- whitefang

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