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well its been a month and a few weeks since my gf of four years broke up with me. We tried to be friends at first but things didnt work out. We stoped talking for a a while. I called her on sunday and we talked about what was going on with us. So today we went out to lunch, walked aroundt the mall and took some pictures at the local fun center. We were laughing and having a good time. IN all the pictures we took she was smiling a lot. She told me , she could see some change in me for the good.

the reason my ex left was because i had change for the worst and she coudlnt stand it any more. She said leaving has brought out the best out me since im changing and i see the erros in my way and that she is happy for her self for leaving since her self esteem is coming back.

I asked if she thinkings that me and her can get back together and she said no. Said that we had too much of a history to forget it, and tha she feels that there is a chance things will not change. i asked her if she knows were are not getting back together and she said she doesnt know.

I think she wants to come back but she is scared that by her coming back will make her a less person and that i will see that as a sign that i could step all over her. I dont know what to do, should i give it time or just move on? This girl is really special to me, and the reason she left was because of my attitude.

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Hi there,


By what you are saying I don't think there is much chance she will come back to you. I don't know that she trusts that you have changed for good. And she mentioned she is happier now that she is out of the relationship. With all of those things I don't see her coming back. I'm sorry.


I think its great if you have really changed for the better. Thats great news for your next partner who will benefit from what you've learned from this relationship. Take some comfort in that and know that you are better for what you have gone through.

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thank for the repost, the thought of her not coming back hurts a lot. We had a great day. I really miss her and i know she feals the same way because she told me. I have some much faight and hope that we can work things out. I understand how she feels about coming back, i too would be skeptical, maybe over a few months she might feel difreant.

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i was in a smiliar situation as well. i tired to be friends with my ex as well and the reason i broke up with him was bc of his attitude change. we tried being frineds together but it didnt work out. between what you 2 have going on if she needs more time and more space give it to her until she figures out what she wants and if she says no there will be no reconsilation between you then i dont see a reason on why you two are still talking. and thats great that your attitude changed and she see's you as a different person, but here's the catch say things went according to plan and she did come back but what if things went back to the it use to be before i dont think either you or her want to go throuh the same road again what you had before. thats great you two are hanging out and having fun let it stay like that but if you see someone better coming along your way dont hesitate to date. you said this girl is special to you well my ex was speacial for me too but sometimes things dont go the same the way you thought it would be. i hope this helps. email me anytime if you lile.

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