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Shes quiet and i cant tell if.....

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theres this girl i really like who i talk 2 and i have a feeling she mite like me but shes quiet. she is not very quiet and she usually talks wen shes in a group but she doesnt have a loud or giggly personality. does this mean she could have different ways of showing she likes me? she txts me and stuff but not everyday but shes usually busy. shes very intelligent and about 10 months or so younger. can u giv me sum help?

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She might like you, since she's showing enough interest to text message you. At least, that's how I am. I'm pretty quiet and serious, especially when it comes to work and school, and some people who I'm not close to.


Since she's quiet, I think that's just because she's a little shy. Sometimes, I think that shy girls know what they want more in a guy. I wouldn't waste my time text messaging a guy if I didn't like him.


Flirty girls who text girls are usually doing it b/c they're just social in general, but when a shy girl does it, it usually means that she might have a crush on you.


That's good news for you!

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