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I know my BF loveess orally pleasuring me, infact its a mutual foreplay, b/c it turns him on so much! I think it has alot to do with sexual maturity, I remember when I was younger hating having oral performed on me, b/c I felt uncomfortable and thought that the guy hated it.


One day your gonna find yourself imagining the smell, and enjoying it.

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Uhm.. One time it tasted like iron for me. Was that blood..?


could be, but doubt it, I have no problem going down on a woman, on her period, as long as she washed up, the area I concentrate on is nowhere near where any blood may be,


That taste can also come from body sprays and deoderants also, id preffer just a recently cleaned kitty without the sprays.


as for the stomach problems.


well that could be either the position your in when your doing it (on your belly etc. or most likely, it because you are a bit grossed out by it. I suggest you get over that. she will pick up on it and become very selfconscience, probably the reason why she is using all that body spray or other feminin hygiene products.


dont ever let her know you are bothered by something down there.

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