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what do I do now?

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Okay . . .


So there has been this guy in my life since August. I always knew him because he lived in my home town, but now that each of us have gone our own ways, it was odd that we had come together again and found an intense attraction. He used to be very good friends with my older brother and his mom was my teacher for a while. He's a bit older than I am.


I don't really feel like the six year age difference is too much of a problem right now. We can't have an open relationship anyway because I attend a very demanding school and he works long days every day. Also we aren't in the same town. Anyway, I this weekend I was in his area and I called him up. I ended up going to his apartment and spending the night. We had an awesome time and there is a very strong connection (not to sound cheesy) between the two of us. He's seriously not lacking anything that I could want. Anyway, the next morning I was off back to my school and him back to work. There's nothing we can do about it.


I feel like I either need to cut communication altogether as to not become too attatched to him, or that I need to keep one foot in the door to possibly pick up with a few years down the road. I know that if I end up going to college instate I can see him often...but If I decide to go out of state then I won't ever see him. I just feel like this is too good to let pass by. I really think he feels a lot for me and is sort of in the same position that I am....frusterated because of our situations. What do I do about this? And what can I say to him to let him know that I feel this way about him? I just can't stop thinking about the night we had and how this reallly can't be!!

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Ahoy hoy, Alexis100.


You have a tough choice ahead of you .


Keep in mind that he is older than you. It's not a problem for either of you, it would seem. But he has had six years more worth of experience and if you were to end up, can you safely say that you won't look back and wish you had experimented some more? Of course not if you love him as much then as you do now. But adjusting your future after his? Can you safely say that you won't regret having went to a potentially better school but did not because of the distance that would have come between the two of you?


There are a lot of things to take into consideration. However, this is a fine chance to experiment a little by yourself. Maybe he really is the right guy for you and if you feel like he is, then go for it! If it still does not work out, you can always pick up where you left off and do what your heart tells you next.


Everyonce in a while, life throws you treats. And I suspect it won't stop doing that either. In the end it is up to you, because you are the one who has to live with your decision. I hope that you will discover what you feel is right and that you'll heed that discovery. Strive to make your backpack heavy


Good luck! \

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