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"friends" to possible a lil more.....

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i have been friends with this guy "tim"...well after a while of just being friends we realized that we liked each other a lil more than that...so we have been "friends" for about a year now.

i gave "it" up to him once and that was about 6 months ago.

hes started to call me every night for about 3 months now...he'll just call to see what im doing...how im doing...what i did today...u know the normal "check up" thing.

k so i have told him a few times that i really like him and that i really care about him....and he really cares about me cuz hes been here for me thru some really tuff stuff in my life this past year. but the thing is is that i dont know if he really likes me or just wants to have sex.

so i talked to one of my guy friends about this and he said like the whole 6 months thing..if a girl wouldnt give "it" up to him from then till now..he would ditch her...and if they were only "friends" he wouldnt call her every night to see "whats up" he would only call her when he need to get some.

so last night "tim" and me were talking and he said something about going and gettin some from some other chick and i got all mad at him..and like started flipping and crap..and hes like i wouldnt do that to you....then i asked him if he really likes me or if he just wants to have sex and he said that he really likes me...but idk my thinking on this goes both ways...becuase at times it seems as tho he really likes me but then other times it just seem like he wants to have sex..


i just would really like somebody else outlook on this all

thanx a million

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Difficult call but I reckon most guys if they dig a woman wouldnt be chasing some other skirt and would want to be the one they really like. I think sex can really screw up a good friendship sometimes as it changes the way we look at each other and often one person gets hurt if they feel more than their partner.

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