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ex is coming over to chill? What do i do

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Well hey i have a big problem and i need reply really quickly. well in about 3 hours my ex is coming over to come chil lwith me and some of my friends(my ex is a girl). well we are first going to alcopolcos to go eat lunch all of us together but after that we have nothing to to. First iw want to ask what else is tehre to do when all of us are together. second how should i act around her because i sttill love her. And thrid should i try pulluing anything off on her or no. please reply quickly i need help fast




PDC A.K.A puffdaddycurl

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Hi PuffDaddyCurl,


I'm not quite sure what the result you are looking for is, but I suspect that it is one of two possibilities.


First, you could simply be trying to appear composed, cool and sane. If this is what you want her to see, you simply act just like that. Relax, and have fun. Do not let yourself be too directed by what you want her to see. The more natural and normal you appear the better.


Of course, you could be trying to attract her back to you. If this is the case, you do pretty much the same thing as above. Appear calm, collect and composed, but you pay her more attention than in the above scenario. You can judge how she reacts and adjust yourself to make that a positive situation.


I hope I'm somewhere close to what you're after here. Either way, be cool, and look like you have yourself together.


Hope this helps you some,

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