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getting over it?

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My two year bf and I just broke up. We said we loved each other, and I guess at one point I really did, but we broke up two weeks ago and we've pretty much gotten over it. I mean, I think I let go of him a long time before we broke up, so pretty much, this could be of no help to you! Plus I was the one that ended it...I was with another guy...but...if that helps in any way. He started dating, too...it's not just me. So who knows.

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If they were in love, they're never eva fall totally out of it and they'll always remember you. However, sometimes ppl force themselves to get over ppl faster (i don't believe u eva totally get ova someone but u get close enough) and it doesnt have anything to do with how much they loved u, it depends on the person themselves, their personality, sense of attachment etc.


Happy Heb

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