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the worst situation anyone could be in

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For years i've known a girl i'll call Star, i've been in love with her and for a couple of those years i had a solid relationship with another girl. Once me and her broke up, me and Star had a night while she was on a break with her boyfriend. Ever since i haven't been able to get her outta my head. She's back with the boyfriend now. I don't wanna ruin the friendship by laying it all out for her and besides i'm pretty sure she knows how i feel about her. In the past week, I hung out with just her for the first time in a long time, and we had a blast, drank a few drinks and clearly noticed that spark in her eye.

After that night, i've seen her a couple times around other people including her boyfriend (who use to even cheat on her...the bastard), and in big groups we barely talk to each other and she kisses the guy in front on my face, as if there is nothing in her heart for me. I've battled this fight for a very long time, but she's worth it all...at least i think. I've never loved anyone this much, but i feel like an underdog comic book character. in other words WHAT THA' FUDGE SHOULD I DO!!!

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all i can say is not to take the low road. the easy way usually has it's own reward, that of it it just easy. The higher road is tougher, but has a better view at the end.

in short, don't be a be a jerk cause you like a girl and hse has a crappy boyfriend. either go in there and stael her away (easy to do, just make her realize your the better man) or move on.

it's never a good thing to take out revenge on a girl.


best 'o luck


Steve Godfrey

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