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The View


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The walk seems longer today

Each step I take is one farther away… from you

Strange how things happened this way

On my journey to the view


Sunset brighter

Water calm, cliffs seem higher

The ocean seems reborn and anew

I know now that God is with me

Gave shelter from the storm that hit me

Led me here to this amazing view


The salt air fills my lungs

Provides the ladder and the rungs

To climb higher away from you

It’s the future that drives me forward now

Slowly learning that someway how

My life will come to match the view


And as I leave this place I know

The history we shared the loved that flowed

Will be cherished in my heart and always stand true

I can now look back with a smile

Knowing that loving you was all worthwhile

It’s in my heart that I hold the sacred view



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