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HEy Please HelP!! Im gettin Mixed Signals

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I need some help on this guys! This guy that im friends with is giving me mixed signals please help... Hes friends with my bro as well and just out of curiosity, if a guy likes u, why are they scared to show it in front of my bro! are they waiting for me to show them or tell them that i like them then they wont be scared no more to show it.... he seems to like me, i mean he pays attention to me sometimes more than i want him too lol.... great eye contact , but its just when my bro is around or the other guys he doenst want to show it...how can i get him to open up more if he does like me to show it.... so then i know to go for him! or should i just come out with it and talk to him about it.... have a great and open conversation away from the guys~ please help me asap....


Scared and Confused


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I think you already posted a post similar to this one, but my advice is to STOP GIVING HIM INDIRECT HINTS and BE SO BLATENTLY OBVIOUS ABOUT LIKEING HIM that he can't refuse..


Of course, this doesn't mean you will not get rejected.. Even the best of us get rejected at times.


Just quit being afraid and go for it.....

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About time women know what it feels like to be givin mixed signals. That is exactly how men feel when they do it to us.


Anywho Just be as obvious as you can to a limit if your that scared (send him a note), but if that doesn't work you know your going to have to ask him.

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