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Bad Crush Problem

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Hey, First of all, Id like to say Hi to everyone cause im new here. Dont know how I found this place, but ive seen some pretty good advice. Lemme begin, This summer I worked at the same place ive been working for 3 and a half years and this new girl was employed. So over the summer we become aquainted and we become pretty cool at work, we have lots of fun and joke around all the time. Just before the end of the season( a little while ago) I told her I liked her, and well, she doesnt like me to put it plainly. She gave me a few reasons, like im to nice of a guy ( what the hell?) , she isnt interested in having a boyfriend, shes had to many bad experiences with guys right now, etc. etc. . She tells me that im cute and all, but she just isnt attracted right now. So, the problem is, I really like this girl, but she doesnt like me, and some days I feel fine about it, but other days i wake up and im totally depressed. This situation really sucks, and I dont feel like losing her, so any advice would be deeply appreciated, Thanks.


BTW: I took some advice from an older friend whos a senior in college, and have tried not to smother her into liking me, so I try to only keep in touch with her over Instant Messenger and at work, tho work is closing soon, so any ideas on what to do to keep in touch?

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I would say it's definitely her move at this point. You made your point; you like her. She said what she said. Give her your phone number and ask her to stay in touch, but make it a quick thing. Don't make her think you don't like her anymore, but don't push it. Make sure she knows the ball is in her court, but make sure she knows you'd be ready to play

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