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i met a girl but need help


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hi guys


ok heres the story im 14 yrs old and me and a couple mates went horse riding on the weekend and there was this gorgeous girl there and she looked about 16. anyway mi sis started a small convo with her and we found out she was our age. and so then me and mi m8s started talking wit her so were gonna go back and ask for her number again this weeknd and after ive talked 2 her 4 a while im gonna ask her out (i havnt been able to stop thinking about her i really really like this girl), she lives about 30 min from me so i was gonna ask her 2 catch a train 2 a suburb halfway 2 her and me and watch a movie

so heres wat i need help with:

whats the best way 2 ask for her number

what things should i talk 2 her about (ive ran out of stuff to say)

whats the best way 2 ask her out

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ok the best way to get her number is just say "can I have your number" What should you talk about that is easy what ever comes up into your mind. And t asking her out just say "say hey would you like to go see a movie with me?" Well I hope that this helps.

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For me...Instead of saying "Can I have your # ?"...Try..."Is there a better way I can contact you?". I think that sounds better. You guys can talk about what she wants to do in the next few years or so. Let me ask you something...What do you and your guy friends talk about when you guys talk...Same thing, wame thing with this girl you like, ohhh and try to leave out the bad words *when you usually talk to guy* out.

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