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This may happen/ I may get fired/ or not

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I got suspended from work the other day.

My company has a policy that whenever you are out sick, you get an occurrance. You can get x amount in a 1yr rolling period. if you go over that amount then you could get fired.

I went over that amount.

I have been sick with a lot of different legitimate illness in the past year, much of it caused by the stress that this job entails (customer service for a online travel agnecy) I've sprained my ankle and was put in a cast which made it too difficult for me tp drive my car, and I have had walking pneumonia. I still got penalized for being ill. To them, whether or not you have a dr's note it is counted agains you.

I'm finding out on thursday if my job will be reinstated.


I've decided not to take this kind of stuff from my company. I was actually happy to get suspended, as I can't stand to work there, but do so for the money. Regardless I have already lined up work with a Temp agency. I feel (I think) That I would be happy if they fired me. Anm I crazy?


Please respond!

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Well, if you already have a new job lined up, and it's one you're going to be enjoying, then I don't see anything wrong with wanting to get fired. Although, it may look bad on future resume's, so you might want to drop off your Two Week's. Just a thought.

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You're not crazy.


I worked for a company with a similar policy - now mind, I've never held a job for less than 6 months to a year, mostly longer. I lasted, oh, I think 4 weeks.


1-10 minutes late - was like 1/4 occurrence

sick - yep, occurrence, and it didn't matter if you were dying.


And no, they didn't care HOW legitimate the excuse was. The reason? They offered perfect attendance bonuses. Sounds great - except they were almost impossible to achieve. The parking lot didn't have enough spaces, there was construction on the road in, heck, there was a bomb threat and nobody was ALLOWED to enter the building one evening. *shrugs* What it came down to was unless you planned to get there at least 30 minutes early and then sat in the break room til shift, you didn't stand a hope of collecting that bonus. Assuming you could live with the job for 9 months. And the only way you could get a day off for anything was to swap - if nobody wanted your shift, emergencies didn't matter. The turnover rate, as you can imagine, was tremendous.


Try not to get fired, since it's in your best interests to have you leaving voluntarily on your record - but write a nice resignation letter as soon as it's reasonable stating you don't feel you can fairly meet the company's requirements at this time, and get something else if you can. Temp agencies can be a good place to start - a lot of places end up hiring their temps if they're impressed, and you have the chance to see how the employees are treated BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

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As much as you feel you'd like to be fired, it's far better to do it the other way around. Get a new job, and quit your old one instead.


Being fired has some pretty negative emotions involved with it. I

m not sure if you'll get a severence package if you get fired, but it likely won't be offered, and fighting to get it in court is likely somewhere you just don't want to go.


Get a new job, especially since you don' tlike your existing one. New challenges will make you feel better about work anyway. Be in control. You call the shots.

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