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neck kissing


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My girlfriend LOVES when i kiss her nock. With the kissing and licking and such. But I keep giving her hickeys...only 2, and not big. But is there anyway I can still bite and stuff without giving her a hickey? And i want to know what would REALLY REALLY drive her crazy. i know she likes it when i bite and press my tongue to her really hard, but anything else might help. thanks in adv.

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i agree with the above, its very possible to kiss and not suck.

on a personal note and to what my girl mates love as well, if you slowy kiss along the collar bone, and run your hands slowly down her body (if she doesnt mind that) then that really turns some of us girls on.

or try kissing her stomach or pelvic bone you'll hit the spot lol.


hope it helps. kel

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