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He's gone and I never found out if he ever did like me

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He's gone, he moved away and I never found out if he ever did like me. There were signs he gave but I think they were crossed signals what he did was when my cousin told him I liked him he said"No she doesn't does she?" and just looked at me looking for an answer. and the night before he left we were together with my cousin walking around and right before I had to leave he gave me our first and last hug good-bye. Does he our doesn't he like me?

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i can't really say, its hard to tell from what you wrote about him. it sounds like its too late any way. i mean, what would you do if you found out that he did like you? there probably really isnt much you can do. i think you should just try to move on. whats meant to happen will eventually happen, so don't wonder whether or not he liked you. just go on with your life & someday you will meet someone else.

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