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Just when it all gets better...

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So me and my supervisor had gone to this concert and museum, 2 hours from the city where we both live. To tell the truth, I enjoyed every part of it (except for the part that I felt that I should've made my moves, on her, but didn't; I didn't exactly want to come accross that I didn't like her), and so she did, as well. Though I had the feeling that we're officially a couple now (though neither the two of us made it official, verbally).


During the trip, she had bought the topic that she might not stay longer (in the city where we both live), and move back to her hometown or to this city that we are watching the concert, to continue pursuing her degree. Although, she told me the only time that she will move is if she will not be promoted to the next higher position in the management. I expressed that didn't want her to move, the truth is that I really care for her and I'll do anything(within my powers and capabilities) for her and to be there for her. I tried giving her advice, but I wasn't sure that she had listened to me (I really don't want to be the one giving her advice on this issue, because it involves both of us and our relationship; or course I'll tell her that she should stay). The whole issue raised a red flag on my thoughts; do I commit to someone who, I'm not sure, had the possibility of moving away? If I will, will our long distance relationship work? If I didn't, will it hurt her much more than it'll hurt me?


So, do you think, should I commit myself to her and hope for the best? What do you think she should do?

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She might feel that she doesn't have a reason to stay. if you & her started having a relationship, that could be her reason to stay. if she does end up moving, there is a chance that it could work. long distance relationships can work. it just all depends. how far away will she be if she does move? i think you should take the chance. If you like her, you definatly should because you will always wonder what would have happened if you don't. if it doesn't end up working out, at least you would have tried.

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I think, for now, you're getting a little ahead of yourself. Why not let things unfold slowly and just go with the flow? At this point, the two of you haven't made anything official. Maybe you should just keep things casual for a bit until you are both ready to move on to the next level.


To be honest, I get jealous when I hear that someone's signigicant other is only 2 hours away.... 2 hours seems like nothing to me (I can't even get to my bf in a 2 hour plane ride!). However, everything is relative...so what seems close to me is a million miles for the next guy. Anyway, if it eventually turns into something special, the distance will definitely have an affect, but it won't stop the both of you.


For now, my advice to you is to slow down a bit. Oh, and don't be afraid of getting hurt...nothing can guarantee that. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but she could be living next door to you and still hurt you... relationships are always about taking risks.

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