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what exactly attracts girls other than the initial looks


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ok, check this out...When I was younger I didn't care much for girls as far dating and what not, and I seemed to have girls just attracted to me for no reason.

And now that I'm the one trying, it seems I can't really find a decent date. So what's up with that?

I guess the moral of my question is that what exactly attracts girls other than the initial "looks"?

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Girls like it when your fun and kind, make sure you stay interesting , honest, and make sure you listen to them, listening is important , when you talk to them try not to look like they are boring you. also tell them about yourself but not everything keep some things a mystery, don't pick on others( girls may laugh but they think its a turnoff) also be confident and be yourself. I hope this helps alot peace.

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girls like it when ur funny...i know thats a turn on for me, when someone can make me laugh and has a good personality, i do get attracted to them...u can be a little immature, but not a lot, cause thats a big turn off...theres always those times when u can be immature, but u should know when not to be...umm, be kind and understanding, and be open..when they share things to u, tell them back...and be part of the conversation..and be urself...and feel comfortable

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