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Dad struggling with HepatitisC

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Hepatitis C is a very serious Virus, its the worste of all Hepatitis. My father has had Hepatitis C for over 25 years, Visiting the hospital ever other week... its like our second home. Some people with the Virus dont even have any side effects, but my father has them all. He doesnt even know where he is sometime... doctors say hes on the list but, I dont see anything anytime soon.


The point is, sitting around wont help any. I know as much as I can know about this Virus and everything, but I want the True true facts of it so that I can make a site about it and how serious it is. Hoping someone in the long run will help my father... any faith or pray's will do. So if anyone has any facts about it or any sites that I can trust with facts... than... thank you for everything...


(for those of you who have this virus... never give up)

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Dear MissJBug:


I'm sorry to hear about your father's situation. I know a few people who have it, and they've had it for quite some time. The symptoms vary for each person. I notice that the people who have it, and still appear to be happy are among the ones who are optimistic.


Unfortunately, I don't know much about it.



Any website that ends with a gov, edu., and sometimes org, will provide credible information.


In the meanwhile, it sounds like you are strong, don't give up hope. Maybe a miracle might happen!

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