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What is she traing to tell me?!!-


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Hi there!


Well here's the thing; I hope you can help!

There in a girl in my class that sits me.

And when we are like, in our class ( of course- )

she starts talking me in some way, and she plays

alraund with me. pretends that she hits me,

puts her feet on my chear, etc.

What do you think about that!- Is she traing to

tell me something or what?!


Thanks for your help!!

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Hell she likes you !!

If she is flirting with u , which she is !! trying to talk to u always, plays with u etc.. puts her leg on ur chair etc she really likes you.

Out of the topic --how old r u??

If she continues to flirt with u... then just flirt with her back.

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