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Does she like me?

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Hi, I am a 19 year old male and I work at wal mart in bc canada. There is this girl that works in the shoe department, she is 16, italian, and has the most beautiful eyes in the world. I liked her the second I saw her, and started talking to her little by little about school and work and all that. Whenever I pass her section during my workday, I always look at her and smile, and usually she is busy with customers but most of the times she still looks up at me and smiles as if saying Hi. I dont really know how to tell if she likes me, like today, i was in her section looking for a pair of shoes and asked her about some of the stuff just in general, and i commented on how funny these shoes looked, and another pair, how it looked like it had been dipped in blue paint, and she was like "yeah, haha they are really ugly" and so on, she smiles a LOT at everyone. There is just one problem, I, being a teen, have pimples on my face, and I am not sure if she isnt attracted to me because of them, or she doesnt care about looks or she doesnt know I like her or what shes thinking. I could really do with some advice to find out how to check if she likes me or even has the slightest interest in giving me a chance. Please help!

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its hard to say how she feels. definatly the smile thing is good. hoowever you said she smiles at every one, so thats a hard one too. does she make a lot of eye contact with you? thats a good sign too. maybe some day that you are working with her, you should see if she's doing anything after work & if she isn't then ask her if she wants to go hang out. i think if you get to be her friend & know her better, it will be easier to see if she likes you too. if she can't hang out, then i would say just continue to talk to her at work & just try to become friends with her.

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