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I'm gonna need a "little" help!


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How do u play the HS game if the girl you like knows "all the tricks" and is probably using some them to "play me"? (girls, u name the trick, she probably does it) I don't even know if she would consider going out with me. BTW, this all started to happen because my friends couldn't keep their big mouths shut [-X . Thanks for the help-again, I'm new to all this.

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LOL...okay, it's been almost 20 years since I was in high school, but I think I can help. If she thrives on the "game," then it's pretty easy to play her back. The game is centered on control and power, so you need to be fun around her, be her friend, joke, tease, blow her off, walk away in mid-sentence, have lots of friends around, and generally never, ever make her your top priority. Be a little hot and cold, but in a playful kinda way. Number two, never give in to your feelings. Make HER make the first moves. As soon as you tell her you like her or want to be bf/gf, then she has the power and you "lose."


Now, all this assumes that she's a 100% game player. If she has an ounce of sincerity, then you can at some point show some genuine interest. But that's your call. And remember, games turn into headaches real quickly. You'll probably find yourself losing respect for her when she plays games, so keep another girl in mind. (Having another girl in the wings is also good gamesmanship). Also, remember that you always have the power to walk away (dump her or forget about her), and don't ever, ever forget that. her female psychic powers will sense it when you're whipped, so don't ever let yourself get whipped.

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Oh, and since you have some unhelpful idiots for friends, you need a little disinformation (that's a spy term) now. Tell the guys who leaked this news, or everyone if you want, that you don't really like her anymore. You were only joking or whatever. Tell them you like someone else. Then get to work proving to this girl you're not crazy about her by sorta blowing her off when you see her. Not in a mean way, but just a little aloof.

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