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Well guys this is my story!


I went out with the guy i thought was the guy of my dreams.

Uy was full of *beep*........ I gave him everything my soul, my dreams and everything you could imagine except my body.

My love for him was as clean as pure water, i never thought that some one could have such a bad heart.i was with him for a year now guys remember he was my first love.he told me that he would wait till i was ready, that it didn't matter to him that i wouldn't give my self up, he was so sweet to me that

my heart will melt every time he talked to me like this.later on i found out he was gay and that he had 2 different faceswhen i found out i was in shock and did not want to believe. Butwhen i finally saw it with my own eyes i broke up with him and he left me broken hearted. With depression and anger against guys, for three years i remembered him and everything he did to me he didn't only lied to me, he said to people that i was the one who cheated on him with his friend and that i was a ho!!!!!!!!! I was so mad for that and soposely he loved me........or so he said . He introduced me to his partner and he told me that he was his uncle.i felt so sick after finding out that he really wasn't but at the same time so glad i was still a virgin if you if you know what i mean. Well my ex told his friends that he was my first when he didn't even touch me waiting till i was ready....the worst is that is not over yet he still talks about me and hates me with all his heart so i've heard and i have not moved on of this terrible experienced i was young and hurt a lot .well guys what do u think about this please give me advise

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i think you should just forget about what every one is saying. i know its hard, but ignoring them really is the only thing you can do. if you let them see that what they are saying is hurting you, then they will continue to do it because hurting you is probably their goal. they are jerks. & if you are so much better than this & you know it, so don't let what they are saying bring you down. your real friends & you know the truth, so just try to avoid your ex & his friends. they are totally being immature & hopefully one day they will realize how much those things hurt others. just for now, try to ignore it & not let it bother you. it is hard, but they will get bored of this soon if they see that you just don't care anymore.

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hey babe you know that in life this things can happen but you are the only one that can succeed all by yourself, dont let anybody step on you and make you feel worthless, you are a strong woman because you put up with his ignorance. god rewards the good and you will be rewarded by your kindness and suffering. you do evil it will come back to you, he will pay for what he did to you. be happy for yourself that you are not in that situation anymore you need to move on with your life make it better for yourself, the past is the past and you have to let it go. be happy that you have a young life to live it.

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