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Ok somebody read this and help me out thanks

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ok first of all since my misscarriage i developed this cysts in my ovaries, three months ago and my period was doing fine until this month that i didnt get my period, and i have not been intimate, can somebody tell me whats the reason for all of this, i would be very thankful to the people that helps me, and by the way im 20.

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Resident - First off I am very sorry to hear that your having these medical problems. I suggest that you go see a doctor, there could be any number of things going on, it could just be a fluke, but I doubt it due to all the other problems you've had in your reproductive system. Cysts on your ovaries can change your cycle but Ive heard of them INCREASING your flow. Please go to a doctor. If you cannot afford one, go to a public health clinic or Planned Parenthood. This could be very serious, please see a professional as soon as possible.

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