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I need to start 'liking' myself again

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Hi all:


Over the last month or so my self esteem has really taken a drop, but I've realized I'm a very different person to the one I was a year ago.


Even though I have and continue to achieve good things - qualified pilot, driving license, good grades, some good university place offers, no money problems - I have found myself becoming increasingly unhappy and resentful.


I do have one feature of my life which I consider to be at the root of my 'problems', which is my total inability to keep an erection for sex. My girlfriend and I have made a decision to go to sex therapy in the New Year as recommended by my doctor, but I'm going to have to tell my Father so as to explain where I'll be.


I'm going to write him a letter to explain it after Christmas, but I have no idea how he will take it. I can put emotions onto things, such as what he might do if I told him my lady was pregnant, but not telling him I'm impotent. Has anyone done that, and if so, what was your parental reaction?


Above all, can anyone think of a way to kick my life back to being less negative? Even surrounded by the results of my work, I'm not as happy or satisfied as I used to be.


Any comments very welcome!



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