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can i get advice on a girl i wish to pursue..?


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first of all, wassup everyone this is my first post.. okay, heres my situation.. theres the girl that just fascintates me in every way.. we have the same passion, music.. mainly hiphop.. she is a celebrity and i met her about a year ago.. i knew she was attracted to me and at that time, i wasnt even tring to impress her because at that time i was going through a lot of drama with one of my ex's.. i had a feeling she knew that i had issues because of the way i acted towards her.. i was kinda mean, not to her, but to my surroundings.. i hung out with her about 5 times and 2 of those times i got to hang out with her for about 2-3 hours.. the rest was reel quick.. like 10-15 minutes, it was at my work.. (she is a very busy girl).. all those times i never asked her out to a date.. i meen, i juss couldnt see myself ready for dating at that time.. now im ok and i still believe she is single.. its not that hard to catch her around and


my question is.. how and what should i do to make that first move on asking her out.. last time i seen her was about almost a year ago and ive changed for the better.. physically and mentally.. out of all these girls out here, she is the only one i could see myself with just laying back, chillen, talking about all there is to talk about in life.. im not a concieded person but i always have options


also one more thing.. she is a celebrity and guys come at her all the time tryina holla.. how should i approach her..? should i try to approach her differently or should i just be myself..? this girl likes aggressiveness.. i know myself enough to be myself and i'm not the aggressive type.. can you guys define aggressiveness for me..? and how could i use aggresiveness in my arsenal when im tryina to pursue this lady..? thanks

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If you know how to get ahold of her, just ask if you could take her out to lunch or something. Nothing formal, but make it persional. Take her to you're favorit spot... I woud say to take her to her favorit spot, but being a seleb that might not be all that special that you took the time to find out, and being that you don't know her all that well it could set off the obsesed stalker alarms.

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yeah man...go for it...you got nothing to lose...**except a broken heart**...but at least you'll find out... right? Instead of not knowing at all...You should start lifting weights too man...cause it can help your stress level go down...and it's good for you in many ways...internally and externally...

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