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How much longer can a girl wait?:(

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I dont know whether i am doing my usual thing of always wanting more and more no matter how much i seem to have.please tell me if you dont think im justified to think this is a problem.


I have been with my bf well over a year now,and towards the beginning we used to say 'i love you',not all the time,only occasionally but it was usually me that said it first. But im starting to get worried,if you have read my other posts you will know that we have split up before in the past,but over the last few months things have been brilliant.But we just dont say we love each other at all any more and i can feel myself doubting the way he feels about me.i held off on saying those words for a while coz i thought maybe i was putting too much pressure on the relationship. And i am scared to say it now.scared of the reaction il get.


I really wanted to say it the other night,but held back coz i was scared.He is not the most romantic person in the world so maybe this is just how he is.do i ask him?i know actions speak louder than words but you know,he never says it and im worrying.


Can anyone help me,this cant be good can it?is it just the same way for him do you think?is he scared too?il be honest i sorta end up feeling jealous of his ex coz i know they told each other they loved each other(well not so sure about him but im guessing)


Please help i dont want to break up with him but i feel bad every time i feel like i 'have to hold back'.

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its good that ur actually identifying this problem, because if u didnt it might become a one sided relatonship, and then u will have problems.

everything is sorted by communications.

A year? talk to him, uv been together for long enough, and if its going brilliant, then dont let this take u down. yea actions do speak louder then words, so do notice that next time. but maybe both of u are sacred of giving out too much love without the other returning it. or maybe hes not feeling as much love as u are. either way, communication should tell u where u stand.

good luck

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say to him that u need to hear that he loves u, because ur questioning it. but dont say it in a harsh way as if ur telling him off. hold is hand, stroke it, make him feel comfertable. if i was in his shoes, and really did feel for u then i wudnt have much of a problem with ur question, and i wud tell u the truth. i dont know what hes like though. watch his actions, and how he reacts, how assured is he with his reply? does he react sharply, surprised, or wonders.

i cant tell u exactly how to do it. make him feel as comfertable as possible, but however way its done, its out of love so dont worry about how is done too much.

good luck 8)

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Hi sweets


well i know how you feel, totally to me words are also very important, see when we say something we are consciously absorbing it and taking responsibility for it


i think the best way is to, just be straight forward and slowy start by saying i LOVE .....U


i mean it does put it on his shoulders then to say it back , but yes ...some people feel more easier to say it then othere


but believe me sweets , u have to hear those words no matter what i mean becasue they are special and can immediately tell u how the other person feels ...if he is looking a little down while saying it or a a little nervous then he really loves u from the heart


if he just says it like matter of factly ..yeah me to ..blah blah then watch out




A persons face lights up and his heart beats faster sigh thats love


just go ahead and say it , u should have faith casue thats what love is about


i hope i helped sweets ,

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