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The good news......

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So much of this section is used by us to vent and process breaking up, and that has helped me alot. But I realise there are some days which are better than others.

Today was better than ok. It didn't start off well at all, I had another dream about him and will admit to weeping before I got out of bed, but by the time it finished I felt like I had moved forward in every sense. Im so grateful for those moments, even if they are only hours in a day, because they remind you of who you are and how calm and content life can be without the ex and without worrying about what did or didn't happen.

Does anyone else know what I mean?

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Yes I do, I keep moving on that path every day, at first the differences seemed almost unnoticeable, but now I rarely think of him, I don't feel the rejection anymore, there is no sense of lose and waste.


I feel more confident than I have in 20 years, mostly my life is a relief to be free of the anger that he held. I also know my life is what I make of it now, any relationship I should get into in the future is my opportunity to be the better and more balanced person, to make the right choices.

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I so know what you mean! I dreamt about my ex today too, and woke up sad...

But then I decided not to keep checking his facebook or my phone because I know he won't call anyway, and checking his facebook makes me sad. So now that I haven't, I feel much better. I don't know what he's doing and don't want to. If I did, I would be depressed.

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