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What do women like in a guy?

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Well, this is my opinion.


Trust- can't be with someone who you cant trust or who doesn't trust you


Honesty- Telling the truth at all times, no matter how much it may hurt. Its better to know, than be stuck in a relationship/ friendship where you're blinded by the other persons dishonesty.


Personality- explains itself


Be Themselves- not acting cocky and such to show off


Funny- Makes things more interesting/ entertaining


Interesting- good for conversations


Smart- Again a good thing for conversations, don't want to be talking to a wall.


Sweet- Mean people are just no fun.


So thats coming from my perspective.


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i like guys who are themselves & dont care what others think of them. they should dress how they want & do what they think is right & not worry if its cool or not. they should also be honest, if i want an answer from them, i want the truth, no matter what. trust is also a big thing. if i can't trust a guy, then its hopeless. if he flirts with all kinds of girls when i'm around him, i wouldn't be able to trust him. sweet guys are hard to resist. i know a lot of girls can't resist the bad boys, but the sweet ones are the best for relationships. a guy should also have a great personality. i don't care how hot you are, but if you don't have a good personality to go along with it, then it totally cancels out your looks. oh, yeah, i especially love a guy with dimples!! however, thats just what i think, every girl will probably tell you different things. so, the best thing you can do is be yourself because you should be loved for you & not change yourself just to be liked.

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Yeah be funny, always a turn on, sensitive but not wussy......... This stuff will land you a average looking girl.


Now if you want a babe you gotta have the look. If you don't have it nothing about your personality will attract her, if they don't lust after you you will never become more then "friends".


Next time you go out and see a girl you find beautiful laugh at her, spit beer at her and call them hoes. Being a *** gets you nowhere with hot chicks because they know they're hot and need a reality check.

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You aint gonna learn what women want cos there all different and all look for different things.


As for the last post above I can tell you looks dont mean nothing at all, I am by no means a good lucking guy, just average, but my gf is "hot", my mates just dont understand how I got her (and neither do I half the time!), but I obviously do something for her and the fact im no tom cruise dont matter at all.


If you can be confident but not arrogant, caring but not a drip, be strong when the chips are down you'll do OK, and there is no particular trait that will ever beat the simple fact that you do "something" for a particular girl, even if your average and shes hot.


All you can do is be yourself and you will eventually come accross a girl that thinks your the man, and if your real lucky she'll be a looker too!

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umm... i don't chose my guy friends based on looks. i don't chose any friends based on looks. as long as they are living, i'll be their friend (does that sound crazy?) any ways, i would say that im a beautiful person, not to brag or whatever, but my bf thinks so & his friends & my guy friends. i don't think that its all on the outside though. im a caring person & i think my personality comes through. just thought i would make this clear to those who thought that a girl wouldn't be friends with unattractive guys. do you chose your friends based on looks??

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