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I dont know if she really loves me?

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Hi, Iv been with this girl officially for about 6 months. We have known each other although for 2 years, but as good friends. Iv gotten to a point to where I know I love her, and I told her that. She also says she loves me. I need some opinions on why she is differently active about this. Here are the question with some example.

I say I love her seriously and when she says she loves me back..Its not really seriuos...She seems to play around a lot. Such as "I love You BABY" and she would say...."Ditto Dude". Why?

Another this is why does isnt she very cuddly or kissy? I mean I want to be with her a lot, but she seems as if she doesnt really want to be with me a lot. From time to time I can tell she does. But that is very occasional.

I know this may be a somewhat stupid post. But if you read this, please post opinions...options...and or anything in which may help.


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TALK TO HER. You won't find out a single thing unless you sit down with her and ask her how she feels about this relationship. Let her know what's bothering you about it, without sounding accusatory. It may just be that she's uncomfortable actually saying "I love you" back, for whatever reason. Some people just aren't able to express their feelings easily, without joking about them first, sort of as protection.


What's her past dating history? Did she have a bad relationship at some point? If so, this could be why she seems guarded to you. But relax. It doesn't sound like anything too major, and if you talk to her about it and just let her know that you enjoy her in your life and like being with her, it may loosen her up a little as far as expressing her feelings. Ask her if she has any issues with anything in the relationship, so you can clear the air now if there's a problem. Beyond that, give her a little time. 6 months isn't a very long time to be dating, and she may just be going slowly to be careful, or that may just be how she is, plain and simple!



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though your have introduced a very expository answer and help. I do talk with her. I talk to her a lot to tell you the truth. When it comes to this she explains to me she likes it when we say I love your or in other words. Believe me, I am relaxed...Im not trying to overpressurize the subject, just tryin to get a few opinions. But she technically has no past dating experiences. Id have to say she has NONE. This could be one soley reason why she may not know how to act, or otherwise. But thank you a lot Mar for you answer. i appreciate it. If anyone else has anything they would like to add PLEASE DO.

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she might be a little shy about all of this love stuff if its her first relationship. its hard for some people to show their emotions & say what they are feeling & by her saying i love you in a jokingly way makes it easier for her to let you know how she is feeling. i think in time, she will be able to seriously tell you her feelings. for some people it just takes time.

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