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Hey everyone,

I am 14 and have had a huge crush on this guy who goes to my school. He knows I like him, he's really nice to me and talks to me and stuff. Problem is - he's moving next year, not far but far enough that I won't get to hang out with him everyday. Another minor detail is that he has a "girl friend" who he hardly gets to see at all, it's a long distance thing. I know something could work between us, but I don't know how to make him see that before the end of the school year. Please Help!



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Um, that's kinda tough with a "girlfriend" in the picture, because however casual this relationship may be, he's not fully available for you. He's also going to move as you say. Thing is, it takes 2 people to make a relationship, and while you're probably right that you'd be a cute couple, it's better to have him interested and available enough to ask you out, rather than have to convince him and fight the uphill battle. When it's work, it's usually not worth it.


But hey, you've got nothing to lose by telling him you think you'd be cute together so that you can see what he has to say (and if he belittled your idea you could always lie that you were joking lol), but I'd probably save that for the day that he breaks up with the girlfriend and stay friends with him until then...only because you're setting yourself up to get a little hurt imo.

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Sadly I think the best thing to do would just forget about it, there will be many more crushes but that doesn't mean that you two can't be friends. if you want you can tell him how you feel just to let it out, I'm soory but the chances of a relationship happening is very low so i just suggest you stick as friends I wish it could,ve worked out for you.

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