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Holiday Alone


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You are too dependant on those around you. If your siblings (?) don't care about you, stop caring about what they think of you. If they are the kind of persons to laugh at others misfortunes and think of nothing but themselves, why are you even bothering talking to them.


My advice is that you ask for advice on independancy and confidence rather than try the "grasping for straws"-to not kill yourself. I'm not the one to ask about those kinds of things but I'm sure others might have some general ideas of examples of their own.


One thing I do know is that your far from rock bottom, so don't do anything rash yet, at least. I'm much closer to the bottom than you are, babe, and I'm somehow hanging in there so you do your best as well!




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Why do you say you're closer to rock bottom?


I am pretty independent.....I do most things alone. But emotionally I need someone there mostly because of the depression. Plus my mom has been helping me out with the expenses involved in that and if she were gone, then I would have to give that up. And I wouldn't qualify for assistance either. I make just enough not to qualify but not enough to afford them and still pay the bills.

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