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The worst feeling in the world....

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If you would've asked me a week ago what the worst feeling in the world was, I would've said being in love with someone that was just as much in love with you, and watching it all fall apart and breaking up and feeling desperate because you weren't together anymore. Plus not knowing if you should speak to them or see them again, etc. But yet, still being in love with them!


Now I know what is even more painful than that...I spent all of tonight with my ex...and...it...JUST WASN'T THERE! What do I mean it wasn't there? Well I can't really describe it...That feeling of me being so in love, and being so loved...Tonight was great don't get me wrong, we kissed, we danced, we made love.............and it all felt so pretend and fake. I felt like I was TRYING to make those feelings come back, and yet, no matter how far I dug to get them, I just couldn't find them! I'm so confused because I want to be in love with him! I really want to be! I know that I still love him, I just want it to feel like it once did, the best feeling in the whole wide world!


I want to get back together, it's just, that magic has disappeared. Is there anyway I can bring it back? Is there anything I can do to rekindle this once so passionate flame? I guess I'm just venting and needing some feedback!


Any suggestions, opinions, similar stories? Please post!

Thank you so much for your time...


(I know that I still love him, I want that magic back!)

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Been in that situation before...but I must ask you...is it you that's changed your feelings for him, or is it him?


Sometimes if the person on the recieving end is not responding to the way that we wish they did, we unknowingly convince ourselves that we are not in love w/them when in reality we are, but are just lying to ourselves; otherwise, you probably would've never kissed and made love with him right?


The word 'made love' still shows that the relationship does have relavence. You probably are still in love, but maybe for him, you probably sense that it isn't and that's causing you frustration.


I've been in 2 situations like this before:


Once with a guy whom I dated for 4 years. Although I wanted my feelings to be there, I couldn't. However, even though I tried, it did not go to the extent of me kissing/making love with him. I just fell out of love (based on numerous accounts of fights/distrust), and thereforeeee, physcially turned off.


With guy #2, I tried convincing myself that I was not in love with him anymore. In actuality, he kept secrets behind my back while he dated me. After our break up, he'd still call and try to hang out, yet, he dated another girl.


You see, he had plan B, her, but tried to convince himself that he didn't have any feelings for me. Well, it turns out, Plan B worked out (the f'd), and I guess he got bored.


Anyway to cut a long story short. I tried convincing myself that the sexual chem w/him was still there, not the feelings, but in actuality, the feelings were still there, but my lover on the recieving end tried to mask it, then the whole vibe just died out.


Today, he's still calling me, and doing the other girl. I simply, don't respond.


To answer your question: maybe your gut is sensing something and is putting you on alert.


Hope this reply helps!

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