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girl problems...

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hey yall. im 21 years old. theres this really hot girl in my class once a week. the very first class we had, i saw her staring at me. we had eye contact about 3 times, 4-5 seconds each. each time was also like a half-hour apart. she sat in the front row, so i guess she didn't want to make it too obvious by lookin at me more than that. when class ended and we got up to leave, she turned around and stared at me one last time as she was walkin out. i could tell she wanted me to go talk to her. heres the bad part: i got too shy to do it. so nothin happened. next class, she sat right behind me. there was no eye contact this class. maybe there woulda been if i was bold enough to turn around to look at her. so even after psyching myself up all week, i froze up again and didn't approach her, so nothin happened. next class, as i was walkin in, we had eye contact on my way to my desk for like 3 seconds, then she smiled at me, which made her look even hotter, but the moment class ended, she was out the door. i tried to catch up to her when i realized this, but i lost her. 2 more classes passed since then and nothin happened. no eye contact from her and me being shy like i usually am. finally, last class, 6 weeks after the first class when we had eye contact, i was standin in the hallway b4 class started. i was talkin on my cell. she passed by, so i ended the call, said hi to her then asked if she wanted to hang out sometime. she then said that she has a boyfriend and they been goin out a long time. so that was that. i figured that after 6 weeks, she woulda lost interest in me either way since i was too shy to talk to her. do u think she woulda said that if i woulda asked her out the first class or is she makin this up now b/c im not as confident as she thought i might be? she may have had a boyfriend all this time, but i dont think she woulda done all that smiling and staring at me just to tell me she has a boyfriend if i woulda asked her out the first class. i gotta stop bein so shy. i blow all these chances w/ girls that i see checkin me out. and i wonder why i don't have a girlfriend. what do yall think about this? u think i blew it by waiting too long or it wouldn't have mattered in this case?

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Hmmm... it sounds like she was leading you on.


If she has a boyfriend she really shouldnt be giving out all of the 'i think your hot' messages by looking and smiling at you in that way.


I think that if you had asked her straight away the answer probably wouldn't have been much different, maybe she just wants to be friends, that could be why she was behaving in that way.


Of course, another way of looking at it is that she was just being friendly, she saw you looking at her and smiling was her instinctive response.


She probably wouln't be lying about the boyfriend because you will be able to find out if she is telling the truth.


Im sorry this post is so late but i hope it still helps!



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