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Why the sudden change?

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Ok here my latest problem, like you guys are aware that me and my guy live far from each other and only have phone communication till we see each other.


At the begriming of our relationship he used to call me 5times in one hour, when I used to wake up in the morning I would have 7 text messages from him. Now its 7months into our relationship, and things have changed, don't call me as much don't text me as much, im not saying he don't love me and all he does, he's crazy about me, and wants to be with me in the future. We have talked about this and he says he will sort it out we have got into so many arguments over this.

Then for the past few days he rang a lot and text alot I was so happy cos I though I finally got through to him, then it came to last night where he said we should cut down, and it was like a slap in the face. Cos it costing to much, he NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE, why be like that in the first place for me to get used to, then change????????


I just turned around and said



Me = "ok that's fine"

Him = "thats is, you not gonna argue with me"

Me = "nop there no need to"

Him = "you sure your not upset with me are you"

Me = "why should I be"


Well it carried on like that. He was shocked that I reacted like that.


But I am upset and I am angry and he knows all that deep down.


What do I do? Carry on be like I don't care, and do just that don't call him or text, him but I don't want him to get used to It.? Please help.


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When you are in a long distance relationship, ALL YOU HAVE IS COMMUNICATION... so if something is bothering you, you MUST tell him. I'm not telling you to get in a huge fight over this, just calmly tell him how you feel and why you feel that way.


You must be open to his reasoning - and realize that in ANY relationship the beginning is often the most exciting. I mean, who really has TIME to call 5 times an hour every single day... life happens and you must try not to be so upset about this. On the other hand, it IS important to maintain some of the initial spark for each other, it feels great when he sends you little messages to know that he's thinking of you... so maybe if you explain this to him you two can come up with a compromise.


Just talk to him.

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You are probably not going to pay much attention to what I'm saying, but you're going through exactly what I was going through with my ex. Unless you can somehow get him be completely honest with himself about what's going on things are only going to get worse for you. I don't have any advice on how to do that obviously since she is my ex and all, but I hope you'll find a way to get him to take a realistic look at himself. I personally don't see things going well for you, but that might be because I could have somewhat of a biased view of thing. Just realize that you also most likely have a biased view of what's going on.

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