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My boyfriend is doing it again.

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Hi everyone,

I wrote last time about my boyfriend. For those of you that don't know, my boyfriend before we where together was seeing another girl while he was trying to get back with me(we've been together 5 years before we broke up). I got tired of him going back and fourth and I stoped talking to him. Then he was the one who came to me and told me that he wanted to be with me. But this wasn't the first time that he had done this. He did it twice and then he would go back to that other girl and he would breake up with me. I promised myself that this would be the last time that I would take him back if he where to ever do that to me again. It's been a month and everything has been good until Sunday. He told me that he was going to a club (Mind you he lives up north and I live down south of California) I got bothered by it because I know that the other girl was going to be their. That is when he told me that the other girl is always going to be their and that he is not going to stop taking to her. I got mad and before he left to the club to told me that I had nothing to worry about. But the next day he started acting wired with me. He didn't want to take my calls and started getting his attitude when I finally got a chance to talk to him. When we got a chance to talk he started saying that he hates my jealousy, that makes him not want us to be together. I got mad and told him to tell me now if he was having those feelings again and he said that he didn't know. I told his what did he mean by that? He didn't want to say anything he just told me to drop it and stop being jealous and he just told me that he wanted to go to sleep. We didn't finnish nothing. What should I do should I let it go? Is he going to brake up with me? Please help.

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dump him before he dumps you and make it COMPLETELY final. you have nothing in the future with this guy... "hes doing it again?" wel dont let him!! put an end to his bs NOW! close up all your doors... avoid contact with him, hes not worth it... another girl? always there? he wont stop her? are you kidding me? your post has the solution written all over it... FORGET THIS GUY!!! you jealous? when he tells you directly hes seeing someone else? thats not even been jealous... youre not assuming the information, hes already giving it to you... hes giving you a reason to dump him... so do so... dont let your happiness depend on such jerks... find someone who truly cares about you... but after this experience you do have to make sure you will not get paranoid... not every guy is the same.. trust me... so go get one that will not drive you crazy for God's sake! what are you doing there just sitting???!!! Get UP!!! Call Mr Macho Man and tell him youre through with him.. and to stfu cause you had enough of his crap and he can take his sorry a$$ to the other girl up north and to never contact you ever again... tell him to fvck off!!!

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hey eve,


i couldnt agree more with lokagirl..I know what its like to be jeaolous and i know that its a really bad feeling. What i dont understand is why do you let him treat you this way?I mean he clearly stated to you that nothing you could do was going to stop him from seeing this girl. This tells me a couple things


1) you are not his priority...not even close

2) He has no respect for you or your feelings

3) you are obviously not satisfying his desires


I dont know how and why somebody would put up with that. You also said that you hand broken up with him a couple of times and you always accepted him back...well i believe that is just another reason for him to use you as his back up plan and disrespect you (im sure that a lot of the time he is thinking "ah well even if she breaks up with me surely she'll take me back".....which is probably true but you need to change that!!!) My advice would be to break up with him once and for all. The fact that he was not willing to discuss such an issue with you tells me that he knows he is guilty and doesnt want to talk about it....who likes admitting they are being a major !!*#$%??? This boy needs a lesson and i suggest that you give it to him!!!


hope this helps

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reading your post make me feel so angry, you shouLd not blame him, you should blame yourself,it is beascue you allow yourself to be manipulated, to be victimised! And you have to be responsibel for the outcome.

There is no trust between you and him, no more, don't invest your time and love in the relationship which is already dead. THERE IS NO HOPE. WAKE UP!

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