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*Tease her or play it straight?

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Hi all,

Anyway I've tried the full on direct approach before but have had more failure then sucess with it(I scare them away I think)


So anyway at work the otherday I was just talking with this girl on our smoke break and I gave her a thoughtful gaze into her eyes just before it was time to work again and said "Hey Melissa, do you think.... oh, don't worry, never mind"


Anyway it seemed to get her interested as she kept saying with big smiles and eager enthusiasim "what rick!?, tell me!? c'mon now you have to tell me!" All the while she kept repeating this I just said "no no, don't worry about it"


My questions are:

1) She must have known that I want to ask her out right?(surely why else would a guy not finish off what he was going to tell a girl) and do you think she just wanted me to ask her straight out?


2) Is teasing a good way to court a girl instead of being blatant about it?(as I found being blatant sometimes scares them)


3) Why would she keep pestering me to tell her what I was going to say? I thought she'd sorta get the hint and know that I was going to ask her on a date but chickened out.


Thanks alot fellas.

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Well first of all girls don't always catch on the way guys would like them too. So don't expect that of her. But if you two are taking smoke breaks together and talking during those breaks you have already made the first moves.

You have probably just moved to quickly in the past and it sounds like you are getting to move too quickly here. Take it slow see if she wants to hang out.

Invite her to a party or see if she wants to do something that you both like to do.

See how things progress, if she likes you you'll know.

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hey rickothesicko,


1) i think that she wanted you to ask her, girls like it when a guy asks them out themselves instead of getting someone else to do it. it makes you seem confident and willing.


2) i think it depends on what type of girls she is, if shes forward then i dont think that she would mind being teased but if shes the quieter type then i dont think that she would appreciate it.


3) i think that she knows what you were gonna ask, but going back to number 1) i think that she would like you to ask her.


hope this helps

~LJ =;

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