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is it meant to be?

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Ok, so I am in a long distance relationship, and it's quite hard because we both want to see each other but we both don't have the intiative to visit each other, we are both quite busy, I with school work and he with his job, but the thing is that, I feel like I am the one who is always asking him to visit and he wants me to visit but it seems more like a problem since he lives with his parents and I live at school. I just finished talking to him on the phone and I know he's is frustrated because I really want him to visit but he is always whining about being alone and bored, but yet he is too lazy to visit, he's getting a car soon which is a plus but I don't know when and now I'm having doubts. we are currently in an open relationship but we obviously don't want to or haven't attempted to see other people. I want to either tell him that I really want to be with him and only him, but I also want to call it quits, I'm so undecided that it is driving me crazy. ](*,) I feel like I'm becoming an alcoholic because he isn't here and I just feel alone and worthless, I really want to go see him but I haven't found the time to go. I'm just really sad and really tired of being away from him, what should I do?


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Your habits such as drinking is a sign that maybe your relationship is completely taking control of your life. It seems a bit unhealthy to resort to substances in order to nourish your saddness.


Perhaps, the timing is just off. I suppose that you guys are both really young. If so, then you shouldn't beat yourself for it.


If you have doubts, then talk to him. Communicate how you feel, and perhaps you'll get a clearer picture. If he wants to work things out, then his actions will show it.


Good luck, I hope this helps.

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