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teen getting bored with same old. HELP!!!

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Alright heres the thing I'm a man and I masturbate about 2 to 5 times a week or depending on how I feel. Well ass of late it got kind of boring to me. I want to try sex toys like a dildo, vibrator, and a male masturbater. But I'm just 17 so I can't buy them. So I was wondering if anyone out there can help me out by telling a website or a replie how and what I could use at home to make a dildo, vibebrator, and/or masterbater or a different way to masturbate. I just do the lying on my back with hand/s, finger/s, or both. remember the stuff needs to be around the house and needs to be simple but will do the job. Thank you very much and plez no mean replies. I'm just really horny.

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As long as you have a credit card, they will send it to you. I don't know how your parents would feel about it, but I think you should try. The charge may come up as something like Beachfront life or like that.


There are lots of vibrators that appear to be something else, too. Like a shaver or a rubber duckie. For guys don't they normally look at a magazine until they are ready to go, for girls, you think of the guy that you like, and make some motions with your hand on your areas like he is touching you there.

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I can remember making love to a woman who used many types of vibrators. She was so use to that amazing sensation of a vibrator, that she admitted a man's penis just didn't make her cum anymore. So, we pulled out the vibrator and finished what we started. Her body was "numb" to regular penile pleasure on the clitoris and she needed a toy to get off. I never used any type of toy because of that.


Think about the possible reprocussions of using a toy.


What happens if the toy you use gives MUCH more pleasure than any woman's vagina? What happens if a woman's vagina just doesn't make you cum because the toy felt so much better? That could be a real problem.


I suggest imagining different women or girls during masterbation. Imagine different positions and move into different positions. Keep it human.


In my mind, masterbation simply holds you over until you find the woman you love and can make love to.

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