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what does it mean?


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hey yo guys!

me kinda have a sort of problem. long story actually but i'll make it shorter. i have been knowin a guy for a while (4 months or sumthing). yeah i know we have the same feeling as well, but again he didnt tell me anythin.


he did make da first move and things like that and i responsed it. he came to my place to see me and met my parents, but dunno why suddenly he seems turned off after he came back from his trip in another state (which i think he didnt go anywhere, he just avoided me cos he said to me before he gone that he needed time for himself).


well, it was started 3 months ago maybe, he was mad at me (i dont know why), well i think it was because he had family problems n unstabled emotions tat time. so, he started to ignore me, stopped callin me or even replyin my message, talkin to me, didnt want pick up my calls, etc. it had been for a month.


then after that, he called me like almost every day, each day sort of 3 hours (it happened for more than 1 month). oh mannnnnnnn.... everything went well, then it started again... he stopped callin me for about 2 weeks, yea i was so busy with my exams as well that time, suddenly he phoned me and said that he wanted to come over. i was shocked! yea.. it was ok.


in my house, we were playin playstations, watchin a movie, etc. but then it ended in my bed. i mean, we didnt do anything, but he started to flirt out. however, i dont remember what exactly happened, but he just hugged, cuddled and squeezed me around. i responsed of coz. we were just so close about to kiss, but yea it didnt happen.


after that again, still he didnt call me or anythin. actually, after the accident that he ignored me, i promised myself that i would try to see him only as a friend which i did until he came to my house.


yea, i should ask him where i stand that time, but yknow.. it was so hard... i couldnt speak anythin.. my tongue couldnt move... sigh...


so, do u think he still has that feeling for me? is he really turned off? is he only see me only as a friend? or he just wanna move slowly? or he knows that he is holdin down me but he still have a "free" principle in his life which is dont wanna have a commitment? whoaaaaaaa... so complicated!


thanks! please help!

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