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beginin convo tips to talk to a guy ive never spoken to


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i started talkin to this guy on aim he goes to my schoola nd u kno its easy to talk online but he said hes shy and i told him im shy and then we were talkin and he told me to call him later and to keep callin if he didnt pick up..ive never talked to him in person or on the phone and i get nervois so does anyone have any topics we can talk about i hate dead silence its so embarrassing


i only got until 6 tonight hurry up ppl!

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well, more info is needed. how old are you two? either way, heres a few that might work...

1. basketball season is about to start...

2. cars always work

3. try a funny story, and the convo usually takes off from there

i can give you more if you give more info on you two...

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yup im a guy, and cars get me all fired up hehe. Most guys i know are into cars, especially in high school. But if you don't know much about cars then just go with some funny stories, jobs, school, life.


ask him if he likes hondas, if he does forget about him, if he likes VWs hes a winner

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