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two girls and only 1 of me,i love her but she also loves me

some bozo

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ya see i have been dating this girl vicky for a long time, we may be 13 but we seriously love each other. i have loved her for a long time and she has also loved me, its just that when i was at lunch i heared that this girl really liked me, i was just like,".....oh no". when that girl Ali saw me hugging vicky she got so pissed then when she saw me and vicky kissing she started crying. when people told me this i thought there were lyeing, but it didnt take long for me to figure out that it was true (the worst part is..well she is ugly and fat) we all have lunch together and when me and vicky sit next to eachother...well i cant really explain it but we just kinda express our love but not in a kissing hugging matter and luckly my friends dont mind. when Ali saw me and vicky makeing out she came over and slaped me and then i was like "what the hell are you doing" she walked away and now im like scared to go out with vicky because i have this girl spying on me.


guy's help me out here, i need advice from everybody and i need alot of it

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That girl is crazzy. Now dont change your relasoinship becouse of her. Oh one more thing I sugest is that you dont show you afection that much in plubic, first off later in life you cant really do that and next it is rude to who ever sees it. I know it sounds weard but try to remember that it makes it uncomfertable for some people and in later in life it can get you in truble. I just had a coworker get a sexual herassment charge put on him becouse he was making out with his g/f in the parking lot. Well thougt I would just tell you.

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