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I hate my life and want to die!

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Everything i do turns to crap im having so many problems right now its not even funny. My girlfriend is far away i have no job i cant find one! im having problems with our relationship..she always seems she doesnt want to talk to me much shes always too busy for me.....i dont feel like living anymore ive been with her for almost 5 years now and this is killing me..i have bad dreams at night im always panicing. My life has come to an end.

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i myself thought of that too but all of us human experience something similar, one way or another. when one part of your life falls apart, the other does as well. career affects relationship and vice versa.

think again, an end to this life does not solve the problem. how if you come to a brand new life but that one comes even worse? would u regret ending this one?

i desperate for an end myself, and probably by writing this i am actually healing to myself. in fact, all we need is rest, a break, and calmness. it is not an end we want.

all feelings come from our thought. we are sad because we think we are, and we allow that to happen. if you allow it, why don't you allow yourself enjoy happy things in life?

be brave, be strong. look around, you DO have something good around you. hold on to that. you have a life, you have family and friends. don't lose those and side-tracked by losing a girl who is no more anybody?


hope this helps.

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i agree with curry and u should live ur life to its fullest! I admit i tried to commit suicide a couple of times because i was(and still am) suffering with a big infection with acne. It got better over the years, but i have lost lots of confidence in myself because of everyone making fun of me. Then i thought i only live life once, live it like i want to. So tomorrow im plannin to ask this really nice girl out to the movies and be confident with myself. So my point is...there is always an upside in everything, u just have to find it and enjoy.

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Don't be so depressed, life isn't so bad, we all have good days and bad days, who knos, 2morrow may be a good day.


Think of all the good things in your life, why is your life coming to an end? just because things aren't working out doesn't mean it's time to give up, it just means it's time to realise what you still have or it's time to make some changes. Your gf might love you heaps still so don't go off assuming stupid things.


Smile, look into the sky (if it's clear outside) or stars (at night) and sing. It gets me through.


Happy Heb

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what u have to do is think positive, and positive things will happen. if u think bad all the time then bad things will happen, life is what u make it, sometime bad things happen but i think that they are just tests to see how u handle them.

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