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sorry can't go to the movies with you, I have a boyfriend


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Well I know a girl who lives down the street from me, I don't know her that well though. Anyway oneday when I met her in town we got talking and I asked her if she'd be interested in catching a movie sometime, anyway she looked a tad embarrassed and said "I have a boyfriend already"(I thought she was single), so I was like well ok then, seeya around.


Anyway later at home it got me thinking, why wouldn't she want to go to the movies with me, as just a friend? I was asking her out as a friend. Do you think she just said the boyfriend thing because she actually isn't interested to get to know me at all and telling me she's taken would be the easiest way to let me down? I was just asking her out as a friend by the way. Nothing sinister.

Thanks in advance fellas.

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Hey Marek


I have no idea either hey! LOL I've been in a VERY similar situation. I think we'll all learn a lesson here, don't try playin mind games, tell her directly as a friend or as on a date...


LOL that really screwed me up, I thought i was being smart when I asked my current gf out like that, but i had a double meaning 2 it! It screwed us ova for a few weeks, really bad! BUt it's all good now.




Happy Heb

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How old are you guys again? Whenever a woman or "girl" in you case tells you she has a boyfriend she is not sexually interested in you and doesn't want to date you.


On the other hand if she did find you attractive she would have not only neglected to tell you she had a boyfriend, but would have probably cheated on him with you. Girls are not as faithful as you believe them to be.


So the answer is "Yes, she does not find you attractive."

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lol Hero's - yes she does not find you attractive.


I don't really agree with Hero's stereotyping here tho, he does have a point but hey, there's gotta be people out there who are more faithful, definitely heaps of people. It's like the good and the bad things people do, everyone always remember the bad things but not the good.


I still don't know what she was thinking but don't cut yourself up about it, perhpas she did find you attractive but that she was a very faithful person who loved someone else so much that they wouldn't risk anything.


Happy Heb

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