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OMG - Tell me this does not deserve retribution

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So I meet this girl from another shool at a party and thought the vibe was good. I then proceed to ask her out and to my surprise she says yes. We go out twice more and then the following happened...


She called and asked me if I wanted to go out for a walk around downtown so I say yes. We walked and talked ALL NIGHT, walked to Q-beach and watched the sunrise together. At this point I thought to myself wow it just doesn't get any better than this. I walk her home around 8 in the morning and asked what she was doing today (Sunday).


Her: Oh, my boyfriend is back in town for thanksgiving today

(thanksgiving is in October in Canada), so I'll be with him today and



Me: You have a boyfriend?


Her: Yes


Me: Since when?


Her: we've been going out for half a year and he's in college now so he

comes back every second weekend.


Me: So why did you say yes when i asked you out?


Her: you asked me out? When?


Me: When first met you, asked for your number, and said "would you like

to go out with me sometime", and you said yes


Her: I thought you meant as friends


Me: Ya whatever, don't ever call me again


Her: Wait, I still want to hang out with you when my boyfriend is not in

town, your really sweet and I think we can become really great



Me: Whatever, seeya


Now I haven't called her, although she has called me on several occasions. Here is my dasterdly plan to get even. I will call her and ask her to the movies, pick her up, take her to the movies, buy the tickets, sit down with her at the movie, excuse myself to go to the washroom, leave the theatre, get into my car, drive home, leave her at the movies and turn my cell off.


Good plan? - Feedback please.

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I know you are extremely mad at her for what she did. I can probably guess you are really confused. But despite what you are feeling, leaving her at the movies isn't going to make anything better. It may feel good at first, but eventually the high of what you just did will wear off and reality will set in. Just don't talk to her, don't answer when she calls, keeping her out of your life is the biggest payback you will ever get. She will be hurt and will learn a lesson. No worries ...I know it hurts! Best of luck


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