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Should I feel bad about this? Can I get fired for it?

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Ok so I work part time, 30hrs a week. Anyway so work(k-mart) calls up 15 times today but I never picked up (I know because I have a caller ID) because I KNOW that they wanted me to work the late night shift (9pm-6am) because they have nobody else who knows how to do the stockroom paperwork. Now I sorta feel bad about this but I don't know why, I mean is it my DUTY to work when I'm not rostered on? Can I get fired for something like this? I know tomorrow when I go to work I'm going to get "20 questions" from my boss tomorrow as to where I was all day yesterday.

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Well to tell you the truth I don't think they should be asking you any questions. UNLESS you have been contracted to be doing extra hours. If you were asked to do 30hours when you started then that is your shift, anything extra should be up to you. But like I said UNLESS you were told that you will have to do extra time.

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Hey it’s a free world work when u feel like ;


No one can force you , if u feel so bad go work for free ..lol


Its not like k-mart is going to sink if weren’t there , but yes u could have picked up and refused or made a excuse.


Seriously if ure feeling real bad then then work for free (just joking)

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I work as en engineer 40 hours per week. If they call me after work hours, I may or may not pick up.


The fact is, you have a life outside of work. You are smart NOT to pick up the phone. They would then INCREASE there calls.


You've done the smart thing: You've drawn the line.


Don't feel bad at all. Believe me, by working extra hours, it does not assure you of promotion.. most of the time, it just means extra hours.


If you need the money, pick up the phone. If you don't, don't worry about it at all!!

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I take it you feel you can't pick up the phone and tell them you can't come in.


Not to be all doom and gloom, but in the past I've found that anytime an employeer decides you have a bad attitude for whatever reason, you're sunk. I'm not saying you have a bad attitude at all, it's all a perception thing.


The other folks are right of course, you have a life outside of work, it's yours to live as you see fit. Just deal with the issues head on though, you'll feel better. "Sorry, I can't come in, I've planned to do ____." is perfectly acceptable.

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