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sees me as a friend???

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I posted something earlier about this girl I like alot, but I have another question. ok, there is this other girl I've known since dec. She started talking to me and got my sn from a friend of hers who knew me. She started talking to me out of nowhere and asked for my number. I gave it to her and she kept calling me night after night, just talking about anything and everything, lol. Anyway, about a month later she said that she really liked me while we were talking online. I told her I didnt feel the same way about her, but I wished to remain friends. So we did and it was basically forgotten that she even said that. She has called me literally everyday since then and we talk on the phone about an hour a day. Back in july, I really began to like her much more then a friend. I admitted it to her online the same way she did to me and she said she just sees me as a friend. She kept saying how we are the best of friends and everything like that trying to console me. So, I eventually moved on and just assumed this will always be a friendship and nothing more. We hang out about 1-3 times a week. We still talk everyday for about an hour and always complains about how she calls me and I never call her. She tells me how she thinks alot of guys are hot and wants me to really get to know her friends..(we're not in the same clique.) I had to get it out of her to admit to me that she is going out with someone right now. Well, I thought this was all just friendship stuff until just a couple of days ago we hung out, she gave me a wallet sized photo of herself to me to put in my wallet. My friends thought that was a little weird and I didnt know what to make of it. I am over her and I dont like her like that anymore, I like that other girl that I mentioned before, but Im curious, do you guys think she just likes me as a friend or something more??

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No, I think she just thinks of you as a friend. Giving someone a picture of themselves is not indicative of a newly restored attraction, it's just a gesture of friendship! lol You gave her the perfect opportunity to state that she still had feelings for you when you told her you were attracted to her, and she's comfortable now in the "friends" role. I think it's safe to say that's where you're going to remain, and I'd pursue this other girl you're interested in!



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