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Not really sure but .... need a little help

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Its one of those always asked questions , does she like me


Theres this girl called naomi and her friends recently found out that i like her . Now the problem is , is that she is really shy but is always looking at me and we always make nice eye contact, and all of my friends have noticed it as well.

but we never speak , also her friends tell me she doesnt really know me (obviously) since we dont speak , and naomi tells them that she's not sure if she likes me , cause we never speak


but im confused cause she's always looking at me and got the look in her eye towards me that makes you melt ... so does she like me and not giving much information out , or is she generally unsure , thus not really liking me

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Well, She is probably honestly unsure about how she feels. So why don't you talk to her, get to know each other better. Invite her over for a movie at your house, or go have a casual dinner and talk. That is a good way to test both of your feelings towards each other. Even though she is shy, she may open up if you ask her to hang out with you. Hope all goes well


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You are talking about Step 5 when you haven't even made it past Step 1 yet. Walk up to her and talk to her. Heck, about anything. Demysify the problem. Don't worry about if she "digs" you because the fact is, if you don't know her yet, you may not even want her to once you get to know her.


Step 1: Introduce yourself and create a common topic of conversation.

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